Hell’s Angels

9 Stars

This strain is destine for Mangifs.com Hall of Fame. We may be the last know about this strain but we are here to tell you that it is up there with the best. We proudly recommend this strain for all those seeking the hat trick from there flowers.

The Hat trick includes great taste, look and effect. Labeled a sativa at our local shop in NW shop. It is a strain that will give you a memorable head high.

The effects of Hells Angels is almost too strong. After the smooth taste, it seems to almost numb the tongue. Very weird. Although you will feel the effects immediately, this strain also packs a creeper effect.

After getting the the initial head high, about 30 mins later prepare for a trip that is sure to have you questioning your anxiety limits.

This strain is not for new smokers but is highly recommended for the “head high” searching weed smoker. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. We give Hell’s Angels a 9. We actually deduced a point for it being to strong.

Doesn’t make sense to lose a point for being too good but this feels like the right score. With that being said Hell’s Angel is our new favorite strain to recommend without hesitation.

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