Indica vs Sativa Shannigans

Indica vs Sativa is a discussion that is happening worldwide. Even as you read this. The discussions usually goes….  Indica make you feel like this, Sativa make you feel like that.

While there is some truth to the generally fruit shapes and plant size, Indica and Sativa generally can have the same effect. The chemical balance any particular strain produces is the key.

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Black Cherry Soda – Flower Trim – Indica

6 Stars

“This does have a fruity taste, matched with a sweet low price you cant go wrong.

Looks great taste great and at under $3 a gram it should be ranked better. Since legalization competition is tough, so this package gets a 6 out of a possible 10 stars. This Black Cherry Soda is something that you won’t be embarrassed to share. It has it all from the frost to the cough. Great for blunts. Highly recommended if you are tight on funds, check out Green Token Cannabis in Edmonds.

  • THC: 19.39%
  • THCA: 0%
  • CBD: 0.34%
  • CBDA: 0%

Harvest date of 01/2/2016

Park Lot

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