Become a Locksmith

Details vary from state to state be becoming a locksmith can get you so serious Ching.

The Forex Market

Showing you have the skills will allow you to manage big account for big bucks. Like anything else you train the better you will be. But surprisingly all can be had on the internet for free!

Try our favorite resource for forex training

Lawn Service

Startup investment varies but the power of being you own boss is priceless


Popular add-on service calls for fans to help after major defeat in court.
Add-on users are being called on for help after suffering a major ruling in court. Read more here

Park Lot

Buy a piece of land and convert it into a parking lot. Charge for parking space and pay your rent.

Freelance Photographer

Being a photographer is nothing new. What is new is the way to make money off of your images. Sites like Shutterstock will pay you for every time your images is downloaded.  Do a simple search on how selling stock photography can pay you over and over again.

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