The first chapter summarizes some examples of people throughout history that have achieved massive riches using "The Secret". It also stressed that you must listen or read the book in its entirety before you can know "The Secret to Success". Again You must listen/read the whole book before you can know the secret. It can't be share, bought or given to you.
  1. Think about the amount you want
  2. Determine what you plan to give for the money you want
  3. Establish date for obtaining your riches
  4. Create a plan to get to your riches
  5. Write it out – Write our steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 on a piece of paper
  6. Read your statement aloud twice daily

Be specific and say it aloud. Later, Napoleon Hill will provide proof of why these steps works including but not limited too, auto suggestion, self hypnosis and more.

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