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Think and Grow Rich Book Review – T&GR: The Introduction and Whay

Think and Grow Rich (T&GR) – Intro and Why


Welcome to’s review of Think and Grow Rich (T&GR). T&GR is holds claim to the world best selling success book. I too believe that this book can lead to success: and that is why I am creating these reviews to spread word of a book that was printed in 1936. 

I plan to sprinkle me and my family’s life into these reviews to in hopes to they reads my comments one day and in turn read/listen to the book.

Chime in

If you feel different about an interpretation, I would love to hear from you. At the end of the day I am looking for deep discussions around the ideas in this book. Please let me know your thoughts whenever possible.

The Intro

T&GR holds many golden nuggets of wisdom. The biggest by far is the secret to success. T&GR details the characteristics of some of the most influential in history. Carnegie sent Hill to interview these people of the span of 20 years.

The goal was to compile those characteristics into a comprehensive set of principles. Carnegie believed that these fundamental steps can revolutionize the educational system.

This intro will also give you a sneak peak of the some of the famous people the have openly credit this book for their success. But keep in mind that it is not always about the money. Success is define by the individual as you will see.

You are the definer of your success.

Although the title seems straightforward, this book is really about a lot more than money. There are many mindsets in the world and this book does a great job of exposing most of if not all of them . 


This book is not a checklist where you can pull out single ideas to achieve success or a full understanding. Like any great recipe, if you miss out on ingredients the end result will be affected. 

Read/Listen to the whole book, simple ideas builds on itself, and vague ideas become clearer as the book goes on. This continues till you are presented with the ultimate plot twist at the end. Although, there are many twist in this book, the ending twist is mind blowing IHMO. 

The only way to wrap your mind around this twist is by reading the whole book. 

Attached: Intro 

Oldie But Goodie from Les Brown

If you are new to motivational speeches this is a good place to start. It was recommended and has been a staple anytime I get decouraged.

2k19 How to Get VC – Top 15 Ways to Earn VC in 2K 19

2k19 How to Get VC – Top 15 Ways to Earn VC in 2K 19

  1. Play the prelude
  2. Play My Career
  3. Daily Challenges
  4. 2k19 App
  5. Sit Through the interview
  6. Endorsements
  7. Spin the wheel in Ante up
  8. Reese black court
  9. Daily pickem game
  10. Dodgeball
  11. Blacktop
  12. online vs matches
  13. 2K weekly videos and trivia
  14. Daily trivia
  15. Jordan gym

Play the prelude

Playing the prelude and not skipping right to the NBA is an easy and fastest way to earn 5-10,000 VC. Do great in your prelude and you will earn a larger salary when you are grinding in MyCareer mode.

Play My Career

This is the best way hands down to earn VC. Salary plus a good teammate great should net you 1000-1500 VC a game on it’s own. You also get VC for highlights and other achievement like Player of the game. Over 82 games in a season is potential 82-123k VC. One of the hidden bonuses is achieving cap breakers to get your player up to 99 this is something that you can’t buy. Since you have to grind anyway you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Daily Challenges

This options will be sliding soon. The challenges are getting more difficult so take advantage of this while you can. Simply login to your my career everday to see what the daily challenge is. In the past there was a “5 fast break points for 2500 VC” challenge. 2500 times 7 days equals… I’ll let you do the math. Add in the VC you get naturally from games to achieve the daily challenges, this route can net you over 50k VC a week. 200k a month!

2k 19 App

Earn a decent amount of VC playing mini games through the app. Connect your 2k and earn VC while you are away from your console. This is also a great option for those who don’t have a camera by allowing you to add your scan to your player.

Sit Through the interview

This goes back to my career but needs to be mentioned as a pro tip. Answering the questions to appeal to the fans, will gain you fans. The more fans you have, the bigger the endorsements will get, which in turn gets you more VC!


Get big VC checks from Nike, Reese , Gatorade and more. Dominate on the court and watch the endorsement offers increase

Spin the wheel for Daily giveaways

Daily chance to win up to 2500 VC and other great options. Now located next to the Ante up building.

Reese black court

2 times VC and My Career points. This is the funnest time to hit my court in my opinion. Double the points and VC with the crowds of players all out for the same goal…. VC Goal!.

Daily pickem game

Nba 2k Pickem
Earn VC with correct pick

In the Ante-up you can pick winners and win VC. we need to confirm this but you can pick the winner of NBA games to earn VC for the correct choices/

Dodge ball

End up on the winning team and earn VC


Blacktop games are fast and fun so the VC can pile up fast. If you have a couple of buddies to make a crew will not only get you more wins but it will get you into game faster. Which hints to the draw back of this method. If you roll solo on the blacktop you can find you self waiting a while to get a match going. It not unheard of to wait 20 mins for a game that never happens. Getting bump by a squad is another problem. Have a headset will help with this problem if you truly have no friends.

online vs matches

This is cool option to save up VC and wait until your player is up to par before you actually play with them. Simple play online matches and dump earned VC into your player. Increase all the attributes of your player and dominate in your create from day one. Playing online matches are for fun. You can level up while playing a different mode is cool. Another plus is that you can jump into a match relatively fast.

2K weekly videos and trivia

2K TV offer questions that will earn you some VC. This should be the last option on the list because of how little you can get. But free VC for not playing gives it a little bump up the list.

Daily trivia

Daily trivia is a daily question and answer contest for some serious VC

Jordan gym

Gate way to the black top, this 5 on 5 mode is great fun while earning VC

Ante Up

Bet on blacktop games. Put your money where your mouth is and earn VC! This is a dangerous option because it is the only option that you can actually lose you VC from. You can pay to play and win the pot when you win. They are some one trick ponies out there that loves to cheese there way into victories so again be careful. Analyze your matchup and take on your competition strategically. If you are teaming up be aware of the match you are about to get to as your team can cause you a victory with ease.

More tip and details coming soon

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