Think and Grow Rich Book Review – T&GR: The Introduction

Think and Grow Rich (T&GR) – Intro and Why


Welcome to’s review of Think and Grow Rich (T&GR). T&GR is holds claim to the world best selling success book. I too believe that this book can lead to success: and that is why I am creating these reviews to spread word of a book that was printed in 1936. 

I plan to sprinkle me and my family’s life into these reviews to in hopes to they reads my comments one day and in turn read/listen to the book.

Chime in

If you feel different about an interpretation, I would love to hear from you. At the end of the day I am looking for deep discussions around the ideas in this book. Please let me know your thoughts whenever possible.

The Intro

T&GR holds many golden nuggets of wisdom. The biggest by far is the secret to success. T&GR details the characteristics of some of the most influential in history. Carnegie sent Hill to interview these people of the span of 20 years.

The goal was to compile those characteristics into a comprehensive set of principles. Carnegie believed that these fundamental steps can revolutionize the educational system.

This intro will also give you a sneak peak of the some of the famous people the have openly credit this book for their success. But keep in mind that it is not always about the money. Success is define by the individual as you will see.

You are the definer of your success.

Although the title seems straightforward, this book is really about a lot more than money. There are many mindsets in the world and this book does a great job of exposing most of if not all of them . 


This book is not a checklist where you can pull out single ideas to achieve success or a full understanding. Like any great recipe, if you miss out on ingredients the end result will be affected. 

Read/Listen to the whole book, simple ideas builds on itself, and vague ideas become clearer as the book goes on. This continues till you are presented with the ultimate plot twist at the end. Although, there are many twist in this book, the ending twist is mind blowing IHMO. 

The only way to wrap your mind around this twist is by reading the whole book. 

Attached: Intro 

Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 ~ Success Consciousness

Success consciousness is something that you need to starts taking seriously. Success and failure all start with thought. If you can start to see that you will be on your way to finding the secret of success. As stated in this chapter once the riches start coming in it will be liken to a flood gate leaving you to wonder why.

Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 ~ Three Feet from Gold

This short story is about Darby trying to find gold by drilling oil. He was able to fund his project through family and friends and found oil. Bringing in enough to pay back investment but hit a snag when the real profits was about to roll in.

The snag was a small but surprisingly Darby and crew packed up the operation and sold everything for next to nothing. This move practically gave millions way to a junk man who bought the equipment for next to nothing.

This story is an example of how many people quit when faced with defeat. A key quote is “Desire and can be transmuted into gold” from the lesson he learned from mining he became one of the top insurance salesmen in the world.

When defeat over takes a person most people quit. Failure is needed to be successful and this sub chapter helps to bring that message home. Listen and get inspired. Tell us about a time you succeeded after a failure or two.

More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man, than has ever been taken from the earth.

Think and Grow Rich Book Review – Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 ~ A Fifty-Cent Lesson in Persistence

This story of Darby and his battle with his young enemy for 50 cent. A story where a child masters an adult! This chapter is a an examples of what the secret can do for you.

These examples may seem like random acts of Luck but it’s not. Napoleon Hill teases the 13 principles that will lead you to riches.

Think and Grow Rich Book Review – Chapter 2.0

Thoughts are things

They use Barn noble example of goal setting and struggles to forfill his goal of going into business with Thomas Edison.

The book touches on some traits  and characteristics of “opportunity” and also touched on people’s willingness to quit and sometimes not even start with first signs of adversity.

This chapters introduces the first example of someone actually thinking and actually creating riches from their thoughts. Barnes started with a thought… listen to what came next

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